Motorcycle Insurance in BC: What You Need To Know

Posted on May 15, 2014 · Posted in Motorcycle Insurance

As spring approaches and the sun begins to shine, it’s only natural to want to get the motorcycle out of the garage and onto the road. However, there always that one pesky requirement that you have to get motorcycle insurance first! With motorcycle insurance, as with any other type of insurance, there are usually a lot of questions that come to mind before you can go ahead and spend the money to insure your bike. In this article, I will go over the different types of motorcycle insurance coverages that are available in Surrey and the rest of BC. I will also share some tips and advice on how to save money while maximizing your insurance coverage for the year.

The way ICBC works is that they require every vehicle on the road in BC to have basic Autoplan insurance. This provides you with a bare minimum of $200,000 third party liability. Third party liability is any damage that you do to someone else, such as property damage, bodily injuries, or wage loss. This applies to motorcycles as well. The “optional” part of your insurance covers the damage that happens to your own vehicle.. in this case, your motorcycle. Many people don’t know this, but the optional portion of your motorcycle insurance can be purchased from any one of 3 motorcycle insurance companies in BC. These companies, often referred to as “private motorcycle insurance,” are Chutter, Beacon, and Megson & Fitzpatrick.

Each of these private motorycle insurance companies provides different coverages and different rates. They also have their own requirements as to who they will insure. For example, if you are a 20 year old with a brand new motorcycle license and a 600cc sport bike, they probably won’t insure you. But if you are a 30 year old driver with years of experience riding and a nice cruiser, they will probably love to insure you. By denying coverage to risky riders, the private motorcycle insurance company is able to pass the savings on to you, the safe riders!

From my personal experience, I have seen significant savings for those who qualify and choose to go with a private motorcycle insurance company for their optional coverages. The great part is, that you can keep the optional coverage intact year-round and only get plates from ICBC when you decide that you want to hit the road. This way, your bike is insured for fire and theft throughout the colder months without having to pay ICBC an arm and a leg. Even if you’re a relatively new rider, it’s always worth getting a quote!

To get a private insurance quote for your motorcycle, click here: Motorcycle Insurance Quote BC

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